FMT Plasmaleikkurit

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Olemme FABBRICA MACCHINE TAGLIO F.M.T. SRL plasmaleikkureiden valtuutettu myyjä ja edustaja Suomessa. Kauttamme löytyy varmasti juuri teidän tarpeisiinne sopiva FMT plasmaleikkuri, varaosat ja ammattitaitoinen ylläpito. Tietoja ja mallivaihtoehdot alla ja lisää löytyy valmistajan omilta sivuilta

  • Machines Plasma conventional sources: that are equipped with plasma traditional type used for the construction of pipelines for air conditioning and vacuum, for light carpentry works and media.
  • Machines to high-definition Plasma: using the process HTPAC (High Tolerance Plasma Arc Cutting), which is a source of high definition for cutting qualità.

XM EVOLUTION cutting system

XM EVOLUTION is a complete high-definition large format plasma cutting system. A primary feature of this system is the modularity of the length, which allows you to extend the machine, even as an upgrade after purchase.

The cutting head, which includes the plasma torch and any other accessories described in the appendix, runs along toughened and rectified guides, by means of a dual helical rack and pinion. The torch moves in the vertical axis via a ball screw drive, on linear ball screw guides. During the cutting phase this vertical movement also serves to compensate the undulation of the sheet using feedback from the arc voltage; thereby keeping the torch at a constant distance from the sheet during cutting; an extremely important factor for the life of the consumables and the cutting quality.

The torch unit is fitted with an anticollision system, which prevents the torch being broken and shutting the machine down in the case of accidental impact. This system was created and built entirely by FMT, thereby allowing total integration with numerical control.

The gantry, comprising a high-rigidity square section beam and two shoulders which carry the motors and the electrical and system connections, scrolls on toughened guides on two racks driven by motors connected within the gantry to ensure maximum acceleration and precision.

The electronic component of the movement comprises brushless servo motors with high resolution encoders, controlled by entirely digital actuators integrated within the motors. These actuators are connected to the CNC via a digital bus.

The sheet being worked is placed on a grille made up of simple rectangular strips of metal, which can be very simply and rapidly replaced, for which a design plan is supplied.

The grille can rest on a vacuum workbench, is modular and divided into sections, to concentrate the suction which is maintained below the cutting zone. Otherwise, it can be placed on the machine chassis and the suction takes place via an vacuum hood which moves below the grille in harmony with the gantry. This solution, which achieves a significant saving in investment and operating costs (less power required for the vacuum unit) has the following limits:

  • Maximum machine length 6000 mm.
  • Maximum cutting current 130 A.
  • Torch height: 100 mm
  • Standard usable widths:
    • 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000
    • For custom requirements greater widths can also be supplied.
  • Standard usable lengths:
    • From 3000 up to 24000, as well as to order.
EX Evolution cutting system

MID cutting system

MID fits within the range as the younger sister model of the EVOLUTION, designed for small and medium formats.

In accordance with the same manufacturing philosophy as for EVOLUTION, it has extremely compact versions with lengths up to 4000 mm, thereby recreating the concept of modularity for greater lengths.

These machines can be fitted with both the classic vacuum workbench, and the Vacuum Hood, which moves together with the gantry, thereby always remaining below the cutting zone, in the same way as for the EVOLUTION model. The hood version has its limitations: usable length 4000 mm and cutting amperage 130 A.

The mechanical and electronic motion is identical to the EVOLUTION (strengthened and rectified high resistance square section, brushless motors), of a scale for moving a lower mass, maintaining torch height control with feedback on the arc voltage and torch anticollision device, identical to those on the EVOLUTION model.

  • Torch height: 100mm
  • Usable width:
    • 1500, 2000
  • Usable length:
    • 3000, 4000
    • Greater lengths can be considered on request.
MID cutting system

SMART cutting system

This extremely simple and economic machine is aimed at customers working on low thickness sheets not requiring the height control necessary for highdefinition work.

The movement guides are still strengthened and rectified, and there are also the integrated brushless motors. The torch's downward motion is controlled pneumatically, with adjustable pressure, and the cutting height can be adjusted manually. The machine is fitted with a 4-sphere truck which, in contact with the sheet, maintains the height in the cutting zone.

Fumes and cutting residues are removed only via a vacuum hood, as described above.

  • The machine is supplied in two sizes:
    • 1500 x 3000
    • 2000 x 4000
SMART cutting system